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CDTx EDG seminar series #3

January 17th (3pm), Dr Shaun Coutts (Buckley Ecology Lab, UQ) will be doing a presentation on Why conservation researchers don’t do sensitivity analysis, and why they really should. Please come along ( CSIRO EcoSciences Precinct, 41 Boggo Rd, Dutton Park 4102 QLD- Rooms GA603):

Simulation models underpin a lot of conservation research. They are primarily used for population viability analysis and to test the effect of various management interventions. Sensitivity analysis is an important part of any model development and testing. This is especially true for complex models (like PVA) because for these models it is often not obvious how different components of the model affect the result, or interact. After reviewing the literature on population viability analysis I found that sensitivity analysis were rarely carried out, and when they were, they were usually done poorly. I will go through reasons why this is a problem and also offer my opinions for some ways to fix the situation.


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