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CDTx EDG seminar series #5

Conservation Decisions Team and EDG,UQ seminar series (Friday 14th March at 3 pm) EcoSciences Prescinct:

On Friday March 13th 3pm, Dr. Marit Wilkerson will present how socio-demographic context impacts valuation of ecosystem services.
One green space is rarely just like the next. This near-truism goes beyond the differences in ecological characteristics to the importance of those spaces’ context. Dr. Marit Wilkerson will discuss how socio-economic context around urban green spaces influences ecosystem service flow and delivery. The role of context has been mentioned but its potential role and impact too little articulated. Explicitly incorporating socio-economic context in the ecosystem service framework will have implications for why and how we plan and manage urban green spaces. These concepts will be illustrated with a case study in Brisbane that delves into recreational services.

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